• Data for current and last 2 Financial Year is provisional & Subject to change.

  • During Financial Year 2024-2025 | All figures in ( Crore) | Total Disbursement: 26,138.08 | Total Payment: 25,584.15 | Total GFT: 25,007.77 | Total ACA Released: 11,516.63
About AAAD

Aid Accounts and Audit division is one of the divisions under the Department of Economic Affairs. The division is led by controller of Aid Accounts and Audit (CAA&A). CAA&A is supported by a Director, a Joint CAA&A and two Deputy Controllers.

MI division,Bilateral Cooperation division and OMI lead the loan/grant agreements and project agreements with external funding agencies, culminating in signature of agreements. These credit divisions play the role of front office and this Aid Accounts and Audit division plays the role of back office in the management of external assistance for various programmes/projects, covering all the sectoral areas.

Meet the Minister

Honorable Finance Minister

Smt Nirmala Sitharaman

Quaterwise Payments (Inr CR) FY-2024-2025
Quaterwise Disbursements (Inr CR) FY-2024-2025